We all remember rolling up our sleeves and doing dishes as kids. But do you know many Asian-American families never outgrow this? Dishwashers in many Asian-American households are frequently (almost exclusively?!) only used as drying racks. Truth. We love how this cultural quirk has now made it to mainstream media on ABC!

Fresh off the Boat uses humor to shed light on different experiences of Asian-Americans and growing up in the 80's - and we love it. While in reality parents won't go so far as to tape over dishwasher control buttons to hide the machine's true identity as Eddie's mom does in this FOBT episode, the show is frequently spot on.

Whatever quirky customs you may have, we welcome that some of ours are on primetime TV - so we can stop explaining the double decker drying rack in our kitchen already :)

Happy Drying!
-DTE Team

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed


Empowering Women Across the Globe


The 5th Annual Global Fund for Widows (GFW) Gala was a philanthropic evening filled with fashion, pampering, Egyptian cuisine and exclusive NYC experiences up for auction. We worked with GFW to ensure fundraising goals were met while producing a flawless event for dignitaries and influencers.

With so many exclusive auction items it was important each item be displayed strategically to maximize fundraising. So how did we display the unique items in a very limited space? Creatively! A Nespresso machine displayed on a colorful Egyptian side table, a Tulio De Sagastizabal painting balanced ever-so-carefully and Egyptian bowls strategically placed to raise luxury publications to ensure no item was overlooked. A special VIP cocktail hour gave guests time to peruse each item and start their mobile bidding while mingling with Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative, UK Mission to the UN, Peter Wilson, CMG.

Guests dined on Egyptian cuisine while listening to heartfelt words by GFW Co-Founder Heather Ibrahim-Leathers, Author Kristin Meekhof, and Ambassador Peter Wilson which gave insight into the plight of young widows and the tremendously important work GFW is doing. After the emotional appeal, Brook Hazeleton, President of Christie’s Americas, brought out his gavel to start the live auctions to raise more funds.

The Global Fund for Widows is doing truly amazing work to empower young widows around the world with the means to take care of themselves and their families. We were truly honored to contribute to this cause.

Here's how you can help!
-DTE Team


Luxury from Baselworld 2017


The largest, and arguably most important, trade show for luxury watches and jewelry came to a close today. Held in Basel, Switzerland, dedicated watch lovers flock to BaselWorld to see horological innovations from large, established brand names to smaller, less known creators. What trends emerged during this year's 8 day extravaganza?


It was a milestone year for many different timepieces. Omega went all out to celebrate the 60th anniversary of their Speedmaster series, creating a limited edition Speedmaster Moonwatch as well as showing off their Trilogy set. Patek Philippe honored the 20th anniversary of The Aquanaut line by creating the Ref. 5168G, a redesigned version of the classic with striking blue detail and white gold case which will retail around $39,000.

Smartwatches were out on full display, with well-established mechanical watch manufactures such as TAG Heuer or Mont Blanc integrating smartwatches into their product line. Samsung gave a nod to tradition with their Gear S3, which is a smart pocket watch.

Baselworld continued to create a more balanced picture than in the past. Luxury watch brands are re-adjusting their focus towards middle-class luxury products - while the price range seems to know no upper limit, many established brands are starting to offer lower priced but high-quality models to more mainstream buyers. The innovative German watchmaker Nomos Glashutte (one of our personal favorites!) introduced the Campus line aimed at students with an entry level manual watch for $1,500.

Whether you are a traditionalist, all about new technology, or on a budget, this year's Baselworld had something for you! 

Select your timepiece well!
-DTE Team

Photo Credit: Baselworld, Hodinkee, WatchTime


Creating a Successful VR Campaign


Virtual Reality (VR) is popping up everywhere we turn. Coachella is using VR for the second time in their festival welcome box, Patron is giving an inside look at the process of creating their tequila and TOMS is showing customers exactly where their second pair of shoes are going. So how do you start creating an unforgettable VR campaign true to your brand? Learn from others mistakes! AdAge’s “4 Newbie VR Mistakes to Avoid” lays out 4 common mistakes made while creating a VR experience.

  1. Don't “Make viewers nauseous” - No one wants a sick guest! Giving the viewer a level horizon their eye can focus on will ensure guests remember your experience for the right reasons. 
  2. Don't “Pace to the wrong beat” - This is not the time to apply the "less is more" mindset. Give the viewer enough time to explore the immersive scene you have created before shifting to another.
  3. Don't “Chase a gimmick” - The VR experience you create should build an emotional bond with the viewer. Following VR trends like a scavenger hunt might not align with the story you are trying to tell.
  4. Don't “Forget about the story” - VR opens the door to endless opportunities. Use creativity to craft a strong and true story.

These four mistakes are the starting point in creating a successful VR campaign. Go through the journey as your customer, thinking of each touch point to ensure the entire experience is memorable and impactful. This will help you craft the optimal experience for your customers while remaining true to your brand. 

Happy Experimenting!
-DTE Team

Photo Credit: Ad Age


Empowering Diversity in New York City

HCR PFair.jpg

The 10th Annual Procurement Fair, hosted by the NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS), is designed to unlock opportunities and secure government contracts for Minority and Women-Owned Businesses (M/WBE), something very near and dear to our hearts. (We are M/WBE-certified in NYC & NYS) So you can imagine how honored we were to produce NYC's largest annual Procurement Fair!

Over 800 attendees listened to keynote speeches by SBS Commissioner Gregg Bishop and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, and learned first hand what the New York City government is doing to help M/WBEs succeed. Utilizing BNY Mellon headquarters, opportunity rooms and the large Exhibit Hall presented important networking opportunities for M/WBEs to meet 70+ city agencies, state agencies, public authorities, prime contractors, private sector corporations and community based organizations.   

We were so honored to support such an important M/WBE effort in New York City with SBS. Check out photos from the 10th Annual Procurement Fair.

Go Diversity!
-DTE Team