As a leader in your industry, your brand—developed at significant cost and time—has to engage your consumers and stand out from your competitors. How do you ensure your pop-ups, launch parties, sponsorships, activations, galas, golf outings and conferences create a memorable emotional connection with your consumers? 

Simple. Hire Diana Tsao Events.

We create custom experiences and events for your customers to live your brand—to touch, feel, see and taste it. With our big picture strategy, astonishing creativity, and a drive to build long-term consumer engagement, our team ideates, innovates, and executes every meticulous detail. 

There's nothing we love more than to invent something your consumers have never experienced before. Rather than settle on just one, we can brainstorm several strategies, then together, narrow this down to what's attainable, meets your budget, and creates a lasting connection. We then bring that strategy to breathtaking life while managing all the logistics along the way. Onsite at your experience, you’ll receive professional, seamless production that leaves your consumers wanting more and no contingency unaccounted for.

Ready to create a memorable experience—and keep your customers (and the media) talking about your brand? Request a consultation, call 212.837.8225 or email hello@dianatsao.com.