From strategic corporate events to government initiatives, our clients are thrilled with Diana Tsao Events.

Catch the buzz. 



"I couldn't be more happy with the design and execution of the space, your advice on decor and general know-how."
"Your perfect control of every a marvel to behold." 
"All in all it was an amazing night and I couldn't have done it without you!"
"I could not have trusted any one else with my details but Diana." 
"Your focus and know-how (was) absolutely central to us getting anything done..." 

Client Satisfaction

"You made it so special it is hard to describe. There are not enough words to express our gratitude for all that you did..." 
"Really a big hit, and for sure the next event up in NY that we host, we will be giving you a call."
"Couldn't have asked for anything more!! Thanks again for everything!!"
"Thank you for helping use create and experience a wonderful weekend!" 
"Put simply, we had the absolute best day ever, start to finish, and we truly feel we have Diana to thank for that." 

Execution & Attention to Detail

"Interacting with DTE (Diana Tsao Events)...was a pleasure - always clear, direct and ultra-organized." 
"Your perfect attention to detail allowed me to have fun with my guests without a worry."
"You did any amazing job-there were many details that needed to be done that never occurred to me to do!"
"You are truly exceptional at coordinating details, people, design and balancing your crazy clients (us :))!" 
"...her constant attention to detail makes her not only a great friend, but an exceptional planner..."


"...I had high expectations...Diana and her team completely exceeded those expectations." 
"I don't know what we would have done without you and your team!"
"We really had a great time planning with you and your team!" 
"You and your whole team were amazing and really helped make the whole day a breeze." 

Peace of Mind

"I did not have to worry about anything - you did it all!! Thank you."
"...pointed out things that weren't on our radar which eased our stress during the planning process." 
" made it all so easy for us - I didn't have to worry about a thing!" 
"You do it with such calm, cool, grace and sass. And you handle Chinese family flawlessly. You are a wonder woman!"    
"...a lot of juggling needed to be done and thanks to Diana, not one ball dropped."