social events

A blowout birthday bash. The wedding to end all weddings. A recommitment ceremony people buzz about for decades.

If you're hosting to impress, you need an impressive planner to carry it off.  Diana Tsao Events is just that. A planner of exclusive events, our founder has a knack for creating big ideas with details that tickle and pop. We dream big while remaining practical—accomplishing more while tending to the finer points.

Then, we secure the logistics—from developing an imaginative or chic theme, to working with your favorite venue, to assembling the best team of vendors, to managing your fast-changing guest list. We’ll bring it all together with seamless onsite production, making sure each and every gear turns smoothly and your guests are thrilled.

Hire an event management company that sees the big picture, while anticipating every possible situation. Request a consultation, call 212.837.8225 or email