Diana Tsao Events creates extraordinary events across the board. We make the seemingly impossible tangible—whether you’re seeking to accomplish a game-changing objective, or simply have the time of your life. 


Diana Tsao began her career at American Express, developing marketing and branding programs as well as strategic partnerships with global corporations. She moved on to work with discerning Centurion “Black Card” members, creating exclusive experiences for them to enjoy around the world. While working closely with American Express Concierge, she also developed key relationships with top restaurants and culinary talent worldwide. In Singapore, she partnered with major airlines and hotels on destination marketing projects. After years of crafting chic events for her clients, Diana realized her guests always left smiling—as did she.

With key relationships and an intuitive sense for what works, Diana molds your vision into one that's strategic and realistic, while also inspiring enough to leave you breathless. Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, she presents a unique opportunity for clients from China to make their time in the U.S. unforgettable.

Diana Tsao

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Whether you’re planning experiential marketing or a social event, Diana Tsao Events will meet your objectives with astounding creativity. If for your brand or government, they're strategic and target-driven. If for pleasure, they can leave your guests feeling warm, connected, fulfilled. Either way, they have a chance to be deeply meaningful and dreamily memorable—floating to the top of a life stack of experiences. Our core services:

Ideation: You've got an idea. We'll brainstorm and blow it out of the water. 
Strategy Development: We step outside any box to achieve your objectives in very creative ways. 
Full Financial Management: We fit your idea to your budget while maximizing its full potential. 
Talent, Venues & Vendors: We call on key relationships to bring the impossible to life. 
Logistics: Every detail, every timeline, every production schedule; we've got it covered--so you can relax and enjoy. 
Event Production: We're onsite to oversee a seamless experience, from setup through breakdown.

Trust an event management company that can weave together an experience with glamour and precision—while remaining ten steps ahead at all times. No matter the event, our team is with you the whole way through—while planning and onsite—to ensure goals are met and everything runs smoothly.

Create an experience that means something—and will live in your memory forever. Request a consultation, call 212.837.8225 or email hello@dianatsao.com.